About us

Promoting the values of classical mussar works

Clarity, direction, momentum, and satisfaction.

Confusion, boredom, reluctance, and distraction. 

You choose. 

Would anyone consciously choose the latter? Obviously not. Yet so many people find themselves living lives that so closely personify these gloomy terms. 


The answer is shockingly simple: They simply don't know the methods of effective personal analysis and planning, and are clueless about implementing strategies necessary to achieve their most basic craving - to live a life of constant growth. 

Until now.

Ohr Yisrael is dedicated to mining the length and breadth of the Torah, as taught by the Sages of the Talmud and Masters of Mussar, to reveal the wisdom of how to achieve a life of vitality, dynamism, passion and joy. By tapping the infinite wellsprings of the Torah for direction, inspiration, and strategy, Ohr Yisrael methodically and deliberately points the way to achieving a life where every day is purposeful, meaningful and deeply satisfying - which is how life is meant to be lived. 

Welcome to your new world.

Welcome to Ohr Yisrael.

Rabbinical staff

Rabbi Avichai Bensoussan


Rabbi Naftali Zions

Assistant Director

Rabbi Ilan Feder

Maggid shiur

Rabbi Netanel Naamat